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Farming Operations





 We run a fine wool merino system that is based around 25,000 ewes. The male offspring of these ewes produce wethers for either our own wool producing operation or what is increasingly more likely for the MENA (Middle Eastern and North American ) markets. We have our own Merino stud. Our aim is to move to a true dual purpose sheep or what we refer to as a Super Ewe that will replace both current sheep enterprises. We are focusing on both muscle and genetic fat in our selection process. 








Since 1997 Jigsaw Farms has revegetated over 600ha with indigenous trees and shrubs or timber species, including more than 250 ha of Spotted Gum (Corymbia maculate) and small areas of Southern Mahogany(Eucalyptus botriodes), Sydney Blue Gum (Euc. saligna), Sugar Gum (Euc. cladocalyx)and Red Ironbark (Euc. sideroxlyn).  New forests are 45% permanent farm forestry.  This is to be managed on a cycle of harvest and replant. Planting tree and shrubs is not seen as taking farmland out of production , but as actually lifting grazing production .